Where’s The Food (WTF)?! Australia is a country full of talents, great produce and gastronomy wonders! It deserves to be a top destination to visit not only for the sites, but also for the food; with many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered!

The WTF crew aims to help you find these hidden gems in Australia and to uncover the most controversial and symbolic dishes down under!

Launched in 2018, WTF is supported by the biggest food blogger community in Australia, FCBA (Food Critics and Bloggers Australia).  With the help of the members in this community, we want to bring you events, competitions, an online video series, food news and an award, voted by the people for the people.

To do our part in giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves in the community and to reduce our impact on the environment; we are proud supporters of OzHarvest.  Help us help them to nourish our community and reduce food wastage by visiting our fundraising page, https://events.ozharvest.org/wheresthefood, to donate.  Also join the movement to fight food wastage in Australia by signing up to https://www.ozharvest.org/fightfoodwaste/ to learn tips and tricks on how you can reduce your impact one small change at a time.


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